20 ways to relieve stress

Stress management or Stress relief are one of the biggest things around at the moments and has been for quite a while now. In fact I would lay money down on the fact that you have no doubt looked into how to deal with stress sometime in your lifetime.

Well let me be here as your Zen Master for moment and provide you some stress relief. I will go through a few things I have picked up from a wonderful little book I came across a few years ago, in fact it was free, which is always a nice thing. tHe book is called "the little book of calm" and is authored by Paul Wilson. (its also published by penguin and although the copy I have is marked not for resale I'm sure you could find it on amazon or some other like minded site).

Now I'm not going to go through any stress tests with you or explain the symptoms of stress and effects of stress on the body because then I would probably start to bore you and more importantly I would most likely start to bore myself and thats not what this blog is about. So here are a few words to hep you start to feel relief and calm within your inner and hopefully your outer self.

From "The little book of calm" by Paul Wilson

Carry a piece of the Quiet
concentrate on silence. When it comes, dwell on what it sounds like. Then strive to carry the quiet with you wherever you go.

Waste some Time
Hard-working people never waste time on frivolous, fun-filled activities. Yet, for hard-working people, any time spent this way is far from wasted.

Select your company well
As harsh as it may sound, mixing with highly stressed people will make you feel stressed. On the other hand, mixing with calm people – even for the briefest period – will leave you feeling calm.

Be captivated by your breath
When you dwell on the sound of your breathing, when you can really hear it coming and going, peace will not be far behind.

Pause between changes
There’s always a temptation to lump all your life changes into one big masochistic event. Do your stress levels a favour and take on changes one at a time.

Invest in a fruit bowl
The more beautiful your fruit bowl, the better stocked it is, the less likely you are to turn to stress-enhancing snack foods. Eat more fruit and you will feel more relaxed – its as sweet as that.

Disregards small issues
The most important skill in staying calm is not to lose sleep over small issues. The second most important skill is to be able to view all issues as small issues.

Start ten minutes early
start every journey ten minutes early. Not only will you avoid the stress of haste, but if all goes well you’ll have ten minutes to relax before your next engagement.

Worry when the time comes
Most worries are future-based. They revolve around things that, in most cases, will never happen. Concentrate on the present and the future will take care of itself.

Sip a Peppermint
If you substitute a herbal tea such as peppermint for more stimulating drinks such as coffee and tea, your ability to be calm will be enhanced many times.

Admit you feel calm
If you want to trick your subconscious into helping you feel calm, simply repeat: ‘Every moment I feel calmer and calmer.’

Wear sensible shoes
Any reflexologist will tell you that true relaxation begins at the feet. It seems obvious, but wearing comfortable shoes is nearly as relaxing as wearing no shoes at all.

Seek the best in everything
Make the practice of looking for the best in people and situations. You’ll find that simple approach induces optimism and positivity – both of which lead to calm.

Brush or be brushed
take the time to brush someone’s hair. Better still brush your own – or have someone else do it. Slowly, methodically, extensively. (It massages several calming acupressure points, and the repetition works wonders.)

Pretend you’re human
Leave it to others to be perfect, to be wonderful. Be content with what you are – you’ll be much more relaxed as a result.

Start Christmas now
It probably took a lot of trial and error over the centuries, but Christmas carols and lullabies have a unique ability to sooth. Use them (silently) all ear round.

Single out simple pleasures
Approach something with your full attention and an open mind, an you’ll find pleasure and complexity in it. A bunch of grapes. Or a glass of water. Or a field of grass. Or a sky of clouds. All of such things can lead to calm.

Jettison the Past
There is seldom any rational reason for having regrets about past deeds or events. Because the past does not exist in any way other than in your memory. When you recognize this lack of reality, you can be calm.

Take Junior Lessons
Take a lesson in calmness from children. Watch how they live every moment for the pleasure of the moment. Pretend and you could be like that too.

Steal 30 Seconds
When you’re tense, go somewhere quiet – even the bathroom will do at a pinch – and take thirty seconds to gather your thoughts, and work out how you’re going to become calm. They could be the most useful thirty seconds in yo

And there you have "20 ways to relieve stress". Maybe in a future article I might cover definition of stress causes or stress free jobs as well to accompany this post. So hopefully you feel calm and relaxed and are on the way to a life of wonder and enjoyment with no stress. Well heres hoping anyway.