Richards Realm of Choice

Welcome to Richards Realm Online Choice. I'm Ben Richards aka and my aim in life is to be rich, in fact mega-rich. I have this blog and a few others that i will introduce over time to you all. but for now a bit about this blog.

Well I'll be honest from the start and say that this blog is like most blogs and about absolutely nothing other than my ramblings and witterings about life in general. So why the name, well that's self explanatory I would have thought as the title suggests. however once I had chosen the name I didn't realise that there was another site with a very similar name that contains content I don't think you will be finding on here. Its called Richards Realm an specialises in thumbnails, movies, pictures, etc of an adult material. Yes folks I am talking porn. NOW I WILL STATE THIS ONCE MORE FOR THOSE THAT MISSED ME SAY IT 1ST TIME. THIS SITE WILL NOT HAVE ANY PORN.

So to crack on and witter away as promised I thought I would start off with brief idea of what I intend to publish on here and give you a taster of things to look forward to. I will be doing site reviews and providing my thoughts and opinions of what is out there in the online world. I will also give my version of celebrity gossip but do be warned that I intent to use what you may call poetic licence and I will make my own things up. Hey it all adds to the fun. There will also be a few lists of various things scattered here and there. I suppose you could call them Rich Lists but there just going to be the general top tens etc that you see elsewhere or you may not. Theres also the hair brained schemes that I occasionally have like my version of "Get Carter" which would aptly be titled "Get Rich".

So now you have a little idea of what to expect on RICHARDS REALM ONLINE CHOICE I'm sure you'll want to come back each and every day just to see whats been written lately.